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हिंदी व्याकरण – सभी Competitive Exam के लिए इस एप्प में आपको सम्पूर्ण हिंदी व्याकरण व्याख्या सहित दी गयी है जिसमे आपको हिंदी भाषा व्याकरण संज्ञा सर्वनाम क्रिया काल कारक विशेषण मुहावरे विलोम शब्द संधि समास उपसर्ग और पर्यायवाची शब्द आदि हिंदी व्याकरण संबंधित जानकारियां दी गई है. यह एप्लिकेशन आपको UPSC, CSAT, MPPSC, PSC, …

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HindiAdda Lyrics

HindiAdda.com is an entertainment and informational website for Hindi speaking audience. HindiAdda is aimed at sharing information in Hindi langauge. Indian cinema, often refeered as Bollywood, is the largest film industry in the world with more than 900 movies releasing every year. And most of the movies are released in Hindi language. Songs are integral …

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Welcome to Numetive

Numetive is all set to start its journey from November 2017. We will be updating the latest happenings at Numetive. Numetive is in the process of acquiring Nagpur based VinayRas Infotech. VinayRas is an IT company specializing in PHP based web engineering. More information will be updated very soon.