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Numetive Natural Reader (NNR)

Numetive Natural Reader (NNR) is a text-to-speech SaaS-based converter service. India is a country of diverse languages and dilects. Knowledge of languages is equally important with local dilect to communicate with local population. This is where Numetive NRR comes into picture. 

This web application converts any written text into spoken words. Our software generates human-loike audio from written text in Indian laguages. 

Supported Languages:

The following languages are currently fully supported. Other Indian languages are being developed at the moment. They will be announced once they are ready.

  • English (Indian tone)
  • Hindi
  • Marathi

Try Numetive Text-to-Speech

If you enjoyed the Numetive Text-to-Speech demo then contact us to learn more how Numetive can become the voice of your brand.

NRR in Education

NNR can be used to instantly create an audio version of courses, textbooks, assessments, research, training materials, personal documents and more, allowing learners to listen while following along with the highlighted text.  It Increases students comprehension, motivation, independence and self-esteem. The technology helps in attracting and retaining students by improving accessibility, providing literacy support and supporting diverse learners.