WhatsApp Chatbot in Education

WhatsApp Chatbot in Education

Online education is all set to replace the conventional education system. eLearning is convenient, the quality of education is better, and it is dirt cheap.

WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in the world. In countries like India and the United Kingdom where e-Learning is on a boom, WhatsApp is also well penetrated. The WhatsApp adoption in India is more than 80% among all internet users. There are 400 million active users of WhatsApp, it is safe to assume that almost every smartphone in India has WhatsApp.

A professor named Ashok Goel built an AI bot that answers students’ questions on an online forum and provides technical information about courses and lectures. Another interesting platform called Summit Learning has built a chatbot that interacts with students to find the areas where a student is excelling or falling behind. Using that data, the bot also creates personalized or tailor-made learning programs for each student.

The above mentioned are just some instances of how chatbots can be used in education, here I am compiling a comprehensive list of things you can achieve with education bots:

  1. Answering FAQs by students and parents
  2. Answering questions on forums
  3. Learning interest areas of a student
  4. Assessing the strength & weakness of students
  5. Interactive Quizzes and Exams
  6. Reminding students about upcoming Live classes, Tests, Assignments
  7. Improvement suggestions to the student
  8. Progress report to the parents
  9. Suggesting best tutors, books, content on a particular topic
  10. Plagiarism check on assignments
  11. Suggesting citations from different research papers
  12. Personalizing the curriculum
  13. Self-pacing the learning curve
  14. Insights for the instructor in developing better content
  15. Conversational payments
  16. Content gap analysis
  17. Spaced repetition of lessons
  18. Trainer feedback
  19. Gamification of the learning experience
  20. Evaluating assignments, tests, and quizzes

Combining both WhatsApp and Chatbot will take the student experience to the next level. If your eLearning platform or educational institution can implement WhatsApp Chatbot successfully, it will be a massive edge over your competitors.

Both WhatsApp and Chatbots are about to storm the online education industry. Due to global events like the Coronavirus pandemic, eLearning is growing at a faster pace than ever before. It is for you to decide how you will bring convenience to your students.

If you are looking for WhatsApp Bot solutions for your educational institute, then please get in touch with us to explore further possibilities.